Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Queen's Jubilee

Hi Everyone, well last night I decided to make a couple of Jubilee cards. But I was enjoying making the cards so much that I ended up making 5 altogether. Hopefully they are an improvement on my first cards, but I'm guessing they must be as they all sold very quickly which I'm thrilled with. And it's a great start for the charity that all my proceeds from sales is going to. Things are looking up in other aspects of the charity too, but more of that another day.

For now here are the Jubilee cards I made and sold today. All feedback is most welcome.

Thanks for reading


  1. Congratulations on the blog hun, it looks great, welcome to the world of blogging. Your cards are brilliant too xxxx

  2. Welcome to blogging world :) lovely cards xxxx

  3. Welcome to the world of blogging x
    Your Jubilee cards are lovely - keep up the great work and congratulations on your sales

  4. Beautiful cards Melanie. I hope you enjoy your journey in blog land.

    Linda xxx

  5. gorgeous cards Melanie, and welcome to blogland x